Let's Get Going !


Want to get a gift certificate or an intro flight?

We do that all the time.   Just email or call us and we will get you or a loved one up for a sample flight. 

Learning to fly is expensive

We suggest that you schedule a visit so that we can speak live and answer all your questions!

Be prepared to spend 15k (which assumes you need the national average of training hours) to earn your private license.  

Want a discount of a few thousand dollars? 

Talk to us about what you can do to be highly engaged and study ahead of flight lessons. If you only need the 40 hours of training that the FAA requires, then your budget would be closer to 10k.  YOU make the difference!  And you can start saving money TODAY by starting the reading!  Read this Student Pilot Guide from the FAA first. Then read the the first three chapters of this Airplane Flying Handbook prior to showing up for your first flight.  When you are feeling frisky, start reading the Airmen's Information Manual.   And finally graduate to the Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge.  Hey - you wanted to save a few thousand dollars, right? So get going now - start reading and getting ahead of your instructor.  Minimize your budget by doing as much pre-work as you want to handle.  

We are here for you

Weather permitting, we fly 7 days a week, all year round.  If the weather is marginal for beginners, we won't waste your time and money, but you advanced students are not off the hook!  We want you exposed to the elements (think cross winds!) with the safety of having your instructor next to you in the cockpit. We have numerous, well maintained planes so you can generally fly when you want.  Want to fly every day or so? No problem. Once a week? No worries. It's up to you, and your plans.  Thinking airlines, corporate or charter? We can help get you there. ...Or maybe you just want to be able to fly to the beach or cruise around the countryside.  Welcome aboard! We follow a teaching syllabus, so you will always know where you are vs. where you need to be. The more co-ownership you have, the better you will do!

Are you A US Citizen?

Then all we need is proof. A passport or a birth certificate with a driver's license will suffice.  

Not a US Citizen?

No problem, just logon to TSA   https://www.flightschoolcandidates.gov/home

and get going with their background check on you.   This takes a few weeks so start now and while you are waiting DO THE READING to save time and money (links are in the "Want a discount of a few thousand dollars?" section above.

Purchase and get going with the online Ground School

By now you would have spoken with us live and understood your role in ensuring cost effective success.  We will set you up with an online "Ground School" that will prepare you for the FAA written exam, and get you well prepared for lessons from your instructor.   Diligence here will save you time and money!

Before you solo

You will read and agree to our Renter's Agreement, complete a Renter's Agreement Quiz and obtain renter's insurance.  Of course, you will pass the pre solo quiz. And you will be cross checked by another instructor.  

After you solo

You are real close to getting your license.  You will do cross country (greater than 50 miles) and nighttime flights, among a few other milestones.  By now you will have passed your FAA written exam. You will be cross checked by another instructor, after which we will schedule your FAA Practical Exam.  You then will show up fully prepared, and eager to show the FAA examiner that you are a safe pilot!