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” I am now a PILOT! …I can still feel the thrill of that first flight!    WHAT A THRILL!”

   – Bob Morrill

“…Thanks, Thanks and more Thanks!!  I took forward to many more hours flying  – I plan many rentals over the coming months, then when I’m over-being “studied out” it’ll be time to get started on that instrument rating!”
   – Gareth Williams

“…From start to finish, I flew with or was assisted by Brian, Troy, Rob and Wayne. Everyone was helpful in the process and the program you have in place speaks for itself in the number of students who easily pass their checkride…In addition to the instruction I received – which was excellent – the staff is one of the friendliest groups of people I have ever met…. truly a great learning environment for pilots….I look forward to starting my instrument training and continuing on a long and enjoyable flying career. ”
–  Steve Mescanti

“….The best-kept planes I have ever seen….some of the friendliest people I have ever met. I felt very prepared for my check ride thanks to them. Everyone was more then willing to answer any questions or deal with any concerns I had….I am already looking forward to next summer for renting and instrument work….
   – Lucas Linderman

“Last week I achieved my dream of becoming a pilot! … The atmosphere at the school  is great, very comfortable, and everyone is always friendly and helpful…I’ll be back for my instrument rating.”
   – Dave

“I’m a real PILOT! What a thrill this has been!… Know how pleased I’ve been with you all …. You and the team was very friendly, professional and always willing to be helpful. Thanks, Allison, Troy, Brian, Rick and the entire team!”
   – Fred Thompson

“I recently passed my Private Pilot check ride after a lifetime of desire. Getting my ticket was one of my lifelong goals that kept slipping out of my reach until I found your school… Your instructors are knowledgeable and patient, exacting without being demeaning and seem to really love what they do….Your equipment is always maintained in good repair and available when promised. You have sufficient inventory to handle the needs of your customers without having to schedule weeks or months in advance. All of these factors are a testament to your management of the school…When I am ready to pursue additional certifications, I will definitely return.”
   – Carolyn Z. Bisazza

“Everyone at the school has been extremely friendly and helpful along the road to my PPL.  I would be remiss if I didn’t also congratulate you on the excellent job you do running the school itself. I never had a single scheduling problem. The planes were always fueled and ready to go come lesson time. I especially liked the fact that I could handle all aspects of my ground schooling on site at Brandywine, in addition to the air work. Having an on site testing center for the FAA written exams was particularly convenient….Thanks again, but definitely not goodbye! I’ll be back to take advantage of that fleet of aircraft you have … and, someday soon, to start working on that instrument ticket!"
   – Matt Heere

"I want to thank you all for helping me achieve my dream of becoming a private pilot.  The training was professional, yet very relaxed and enjoyable also. The entire staff is very helpful and knowledgeable, with everyone taking an interest in my progress.  I would, again, like to thank Troy Gruner who worked so hard with me throughout my training. He was always extremely patient and encouraging especially through all of the reasons I found to NOT take my checkride!  The entire staff is very helpful.  Just before my checkride it seemed everyone was there to help out. The planes are clean and in good shape (safe!). Scheduling is not usually a problem- but its good to schedule ahead!  Again, thanks to all involved in helping to bring about the most exciting achievement of my life!  With the greatest of appreciation and gratitude" -
   - Earl A. Brown IV

"I want to thank the entire staff for helping me achieve a dream I have had for over thirty years – the dream of becoming a private pilot.  The training I received was professional and enjoyable. The entire staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and caring. The instructors all took an interest in my training and were always happy to thoroughly answer any of my many questions. Just before my checkride, all of the instructors worked with me in the air and on the ground, preparing me for my test.  I can now look forward to many years of flying enjoyment and I hope to continue learning more at your school  as I work toward additional ratings and certifications.  With sincere gratitude and appreciation, I am, Respectfully yours,"
   - William J. Daloia

"I saw a thirty year old dream come true. I received my Private Pilot’s, License. What a great feeling of accomplishment!  I owe a great deal of thanks to Troy Gruner for pushing me out of the nest. Without his push I would be still on the ground wishing and wondering.   In addition to getting my license I want to give thanks for all the new friends that I have made at the airport….Dave, Jay, George, Bud, Earl, and the whole crew."
  - Norman Steines

"Thank you for helping me to realize a life-long dream of learning to fly. It seems like a very short few months ago that I started the program and I felt like I was drinking from the fire hose, it was all so overwhelming. I thought ‘How could anyone possibly get a handle on such a complex machine’? Now, thanks to your instruction, I’ve begun to master these once foreign skills. My private pilot’s license is testament to that.  Your program was well structured with a good mix of lessons. Some were confidence inspiring and others kept me suitably humble. They reminded me that as a pilot, I should never stop learning. At all times I felt the instructors were giving me just enough new challenges to let me grow without feeling like I was in over my head.  I look forward to further instruction and ratings. I just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done because now I can say with pride, ‘I AM A PILOT’!"
   - Steve Kreckman

"I wanted to express my gratitude to the terrific staff for enabling me to realize my dream of flight. Throughout the entire process, your staff at The Brandywine Airport have been extremely helpful. I was impressed with the attention to detail dedicated to meeting my training needs. You have done an excellent job in ensuring that an aircraft was always available and in nothing but perfect working order to accommodate my busy schedule.

I spent most of my time under the careful instruction of Troy Gruner. Troy is absolutely one of the best teacher’s I have come across. He always remained positive, even in the roughest of my landings. The one aspect I found refreshing about Troy was the fact that we flew in many different conditions. I fully appreciate that everyday will not be sunny, visibility will not always be perfect and the sky will not always be devoid of clouds. Troy enabled me to understand the mechanics and physics involved in flying in less than perfect conditions. Throughout the training regimen, I felt that my confidence level continually improved, a direct reflection of Troy’s guidance.  Finally, I appreciate the expertise and mentoring provided by your entire staff. Your flight instructors never hesitated to answer my questions or point me in the right direction. Thanks again to a wonderful staff and a truly satisfying experience."
   - Nicholas C. Zikas

"This letter is written to thank you for your efforts in putting together the wonderful staff of flight training personnel at The Brandywine Airport in West Chester. I recently completed your Cessna training program and easily passed the FAA check-ride for private pilot, and so much of the credit goes to your staff!  All aircraft were in excellent condition and Allison strived to make maintenance “turn-arounds” quick and efficient to insure that planes were properly serviced and ready for flight training.

All of your  instructors are very professional, positive and have a passion for flying and instructing. Without exception, everyone there would take the time to insure that my question(s) were answered completely and fully understood.

As an owner of a service based business, I know how important the staff affects the quality of the product and customer experience, and I want to commend you on your selection of this staff and how well they work at the task of flight training and aircraft rental. I look forward to a continued relationship as I continue to fly and move on to instrument training!"
  - Patrick J. Byrne

"I have recently completed my Private Pilot’s license after receiving my instruction at Brandywine. The purpose of this letter is to give you my perspective because you are evaluating Flight Schools as I did about 1 year ago.   I am very pleased with the instruction ... There was a strong emphasis on “doing it right”.  While the FAA examiner could not give an obvious product endorsement…it was clear to me that he was very familiar with your  standards. I felt “ahead of the game” when he found out I was your graduate!  ... Finally, I found there was good availability of well-maintained aircraft. While it is important to learn various emergency procedures…I enjoyed learning them from a purely theoretical perspective! ... Ultimately, your success depends upon you. You must be tenacious and persistent. You must have a dream for getting your license and never let go. Establish a plan with your instructor and follow your plan. With your desire, hard work and the help of the School, you’ll win!
Good Luck!"
  - Bob Safford

" The instructor you choose will be a very important part of your training. The School  has a variety of well qualified instructors. There are full and part time instructors; you can always find an instructor available during the day or night but it is best to schedule in advance. I suggest you ask the School about each instructor and their available times to coincide with yours. You will find all instructors can adapt to your skill level and pace of training. It is best to choose one instructor and consistently train with them. Each additional time you train, the instructor will know where you left off the previous time and what additional areas you need working on.   You will always find planes available for rental eliminating any interference with your flying schedule. The planes are also well maintained, clean and SAFE!. I have the highest confidence in their planes and feel quite comfortable using the planes for pleasure when I take family and friends for local and cross country trips.  A good pilot is always training. My next objective is to receive my commercial certificate. I will certainly come back."
   - Stephen G. Mantakounis